In February 2005 I started running. I’m not sure why I chose running as my go-to activity; maybe because I had never been good at it or maybe it seemed like the easiest activity to feel invisible while doing. At any rate, I was determined to go every single day. No excuses.
The [...]

Pesky Pests

I make often trips to Target for necessities, if not just for something to do on a Thursday afternoon in Waco. We can discuss my Hobby Lobby obsession later. Target strategically places multiple bins of dollar items right as you enter the door. It’s their sneaky way of getting me to purchase [...]

Back to Business

Welcome back?  I know it’s been a while, but life got in the way.  After I passed my oral exam, I had a whirlwind few weeks ending with me spending almost a week with Chris and then going to Vegas with my parents for a few days.  Rather than pay the twenty-five dollars a day [...]