Toilet Art

One of the most decidedly Texas institutions found along our freeways would have to be Buc-ee’s. They have an excellent marketing campaign utilizing billboards beginning about 40 miles away from their stores. The signs say things like “Eat here. Get Gas.” and “Ever had a Beaver Nugget?” (I have - they tasted like cereal [...]

The Second Annual Buddy Trip

Brad and I have been friends since we were 14 years old. Although he moved back to Seattle after our freshman year of high school, this awesome invention called the internet helped us keep in contact. Really, if we had to write letters to each other I don’t think we would have made [...]

Botanical Beauty

Our first trip to Vegas four years ago was not terrible, it’s just that none of us knew what to expect. My parents had never been before and it was still incredibly awkward for me to order a margarita in front of them. Thus, the highlight of the trip was seeing Blue Man [...]

Chip and Dale

I have traveled to Las Vegas twice in my life.  The first time was the MLK holiday weekend right after I turned 21, and the second time was this week.  Both of these trips were with my parents.  My best friend and I have both decided to host our bachlorette parties in Vegas someday and [...]