Remnants of Christmas

My grandmother’s niece sent her a beautiful arrangement for the holidays, so I had to snap a few shots. This is probably my favorite of the set, and it reminds me of why I have always loved Christmas. Which also probably explains why my decorations are still out. I promise I’ll pack [...]


I have visited many cemeteries doing genealogy research and have never really been disturbed spending time wandering around. The style and etchings of the stones usually indicates the era in which the stone was made, and I have always found looking at the dates fascinating. While I was in Waco, my street ended [...]

My Posse’s on Broadway

While in Seattle, we visited a variety of drinking establishments, and by variety I really mean that I LOST COUNT OF THE NUMBER. My liver just twinged out of anger after I wrote that sentence.
My absolute favorite place that we visited was called Bleu and it was located on Broadway, the main drag of [...]


In a little over two weeks, a U-Haul truck will be loaded with with everything that represents my life in Waco for the past seven years. If there is one photo from the collection I took while in Seattle that makes me want to send that U-Haul on a two thousand mile trek northwest, [...]


My best friend and I were born five days apart. This has always led to several fun joint celebrations, starting with our arrival at the ripe old age of 18. Being the great risk-takers that we are, we took Houston by storm, hitting up the liquor stores with our fake IDs, renting a [...]


Happy Anniversary to my parents, who were married 36 years ago today.

Before Digital Cameras

I’ve been stuck in Houston for the past few weeks with almost nothing to do. Rather than continuing to play Mario Kart Wii all the time, I decided to begin a project that is unlikely to be finished before I have to return to Waco. Since Houston has had some close calls with [...]

Botanical Beauty

Our first trip to Vegas four years ago was not terrible, it’s just that none of us knew what to expect. My parents had never been before and it was still incredibly awkward for me to order a margarita in front of them. Thus, the highlight of the trip was seeing Blue Man [...]