Charlie Sheen and I finally have something in common: we are both WINNING!
I have to say, I believe my version of WINNING is quite possibly better than his; I have yet to upload rambling videos here that reference a rocket ship to the moon where all the warlocks and trolls shall be vindicated, [...]


My best friend and I were born five days apart. This has always led to several fun joint celebrations, starting with our arrival at the ripe old age of 18. Being the great risk-takers that we are, we took Houston by storm, hitting up the liquor stores with our fake IDs, renting a [...]


I can’t remember the last time a youtube video was this ridiculously creepy. May the man with the giant pickle dildo on his head haunt your dreams. He will mine.

Just Cold

Ever wondered what Katy Perry’s song “Hot and Cold” would sound like with an accordion? Neither did I. But they did…


Tomorrow is a Baylor University Holiday. Those crazy Baptists, giving us students a THURSDAY off for the “Day of the Bear.” Because we all know no one would ever consider skipping Friday classes to enjoy a four day weekend, even if they were too hungover from a day of heavy drinking and toasting [...]

Fredomize the Ford Explorer

Hello, friend.  Would you like to buy a car from a Cuban gynecologist?  If so, I have JUST the place for you!  If you hurry, two lovely gentleman with fake mustaches will serenade you with a lovely dirge on their guitar and trumpet, or chase you off the lot if you decide not to liberate [...]