Gummi Bear

Have you ever seen those annoying commercials for Jamster ringtones? They usually air on MTV2 (3, 4, 5, 500) or Fuse. And all I can say is…what the HELL is this song??? I mean come on, the green thing is horrifyingly frightening, especially when wearing briefs, pimping in his car, and shaking [...]

Pesky Pests

I make often trips to Target for necessities, if not just for something to do on a Thursday afternoon in Waco. We can discuss my Hobby Lobby obsession later. Target strategically places multiple bins of dollar items right as you enter the door. It’s their sneaky way of getting me to purchase [...]

Drinking and Eating

One of the side effects of drinking heavily is eating. You might even go so far as to describe them as inexorably linked. In my mind there are three major combinations of the two:

Eating before drinking heavily.  Proceed in this order to avoid major issues, including but not limited to blackouts, jail, or being an [...]