My Posse’s on Broadway

While in Seattle, we visited a variety of drinking establishments, and by variety I really mean that I LOST COUNT OF THE NUMBER. My liver just twinged out of anger after I wrote that sentence.
My absolute favorite place that we visited was called Bleu and it was located on Broadway, the main drag of [...]

Drinking and Eating

One of the side effects of drinking heavily is eating. You might even go so far as to describe them as inexorably linked. In my mind there are three major combinations of the two:

Eating before drinking heavily.  Proceed in this order to avoid major issues, including but not limited to blackouts, jail, or being an [...]


Tomorrow is a Baylor University Holiday. Those crazy Baptists, giving us students a THURSDAY off for the “Day of the Bear.” Because we all know no one would ever consider skipping Friday classes to enjoy a four day weekend, even if they were too hungover from a day of heavy drinking and toasting [...]

Puzzle Fail

I’ve always liked puzzles.  I have been known to finish a 1000 piece puzzle in a single day.  While watching the History Channel.  Excuse me while I push my glasses up on my nose and hoist my pants up under my boobs.
Some puzzles are less entertaining and much more mortifying.  Take, for example, the puzzle [...]