My name is Kelly Ibarra and I am a quarter of a century old.  You could also call me a square since my age is a square root, and I would have no problem with it.  Proof that I am indeed a square.  Or you could try Kinky Kelly, after that scene with the donkey in Clerks II, but depending on the day, I might have to slap you.  Feel free to take your chances though.

I officially completed my Masters in the illustrious city of Waco, Texas on August 15, 2009.  You’ve probably heard of Waco: Yes, I have driven by David Koresh’s compound at night and lived to tell the tale.  I hear if you go during daylight, a nice man with a shotgun named Andrew X-98 will give you a tour and some informative pamphlets.

I moved to Waco from Houston in 2002 after graduating from Clear Lake high school to attend Baylor University.  Writing that sentence made me feel old.  I moved back to Houston in August of 2009, interviewed, was offered a position as an Admissions Counselor, AND moved into an apartment downtown all within three weeks. Although this job has nothing to do with my bachelor’s degree in vocal performance and masters in music history and vocal performance, I spend a good amount of my time traveling around Houston and the state of Texas. And while I still promise not to whistle while I work, there are no limits to the singing I do with the radio in my car.

My nickname is Kelly From Texas (thanks Brad!), but the last time I wore a cowboy hat was Halloween of 2004 and I do not own a jean jacket or cowboy boots. I have threatened to wear all three when I visit Brad in Seattle someday.  Complete with a bright sparkly blue dress and a bandanna.  He should be equally horrified and ashamed.

I constantly find myself in hilarious, awkward, and (mostly) embarrassing situations.  They are usually funny two weeks later, then I’ll post them here.   The rest of my time is spent contemplating how to cope with the terrifying realities of adulthood.  Of course, these realities are always more terrifying after a bottle of wine. Or two.

This website will always be a work in progress. I reserve the right to be neurotic, rambling, and insane, but will try to be so in the most honest and entertaining ways imaginable. The possibilities are endless.

And that’s me.