In February 2005 I started running. I’m not sure why I chose running as my go-to activity; maybe because I had never been good at it or maybe it seemed like the easiest activity to feel invisible while doing. At any rate, I was determined to go every single day. No excuses.

The first month was rough.

I could barely run half a mile without feeling like oxygen would never find my lungs again. I ran on the track that was built above the basketball courts in the Student Life Center (SLC) at Baylor. It was perfect because it was often empty. That way no one would hear me wheezing.

I kept a track of the days I ran in my calendar, missing only one day that first month. By spring break, something miraculous happened: I was able to run a full mile without stopping. When I had first started, that milestone (pardon the pun) seemed impossible. Shortly thereafter, I moved to a treadmill and began running at least 30 minutes a day. In the first three years, I missed 12 days of running or less per year. That sentence sounds ridiculous to me now.

In the years since, I have always kept running. When I travel, my suitcase usually has my running clothes, and I could tell you the type of treadmills in all Hilton brand hotels. However, in 2013 I had a few setbacks. I stopped running 5 times a week. I would be lucky if I made it even once sometimes. While it used to be easy to get up at 6am and run before work, I could hardly pull myself out of bed to get to work on time, let alone run first. I also sprained my ankle badly last summer and it took an abnormally long time to heal. Worst of all, I don’t think I saw the inside of a gym more than a few times during my travels this past fall. I needed something to make me run again.

I’m going to run a marathon in 2015. There. I said it.

I realize this sounds like a crazy idea, and it might have something to do with my looming age increase being less than 72 hours away, but running a marathon is something that less than 1% of the population has done. And I want to do it. Even though I have only ran 10 miles at one time previously…. and that might have been 3 years ago.

Since I have a year to prepare, I think it will be good to start slow, especially since I’ve never run in a race of any kind. First up will be the 2014 ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 5K. Hopefully by March 1st, I will be able to run that far again without wheezing.

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