Welcome to 2010

I can honestly say that sometimes I am at a loss about what to write here. During the days, I come up with plenty I would like to say, but when the time comes to actually log in and publish it for the world, I never follow through. Maybe I’m just tired from the day, or maybe it speaks to a larger personality flaw where I start a lot of things and never finish them. It has been known to happen before…

ANYWAY. Just thought I would give a quick holiday update. I suppose I should use the term “holiday” loosely, as we’re now four days into the new year and the next holiday is two weeks away (thanks MLK)! Unless, of course, you count my birthday on Saturday. Lets do that.

This was my first Christmas in my new apartment and really, it was my first Christmas on my own. When I was in college I would always come home about two weeks after Thanksgiving, so there was really no need to put up a tree or any other decorations. I definitely made up for that this year. My tree went up the day after Thanksgiving and is shamefully still standing in true Kelly From Texas style:


At this point, I might as well just call it a birthday tree. At any rate, I hope you and yours had a lovely holiday season this year. 2010 is not only a new year, but a new decade. What will it bring?


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