The Second Annual Buddy Trip

Brad and I have been friends since we were 14 years old. Although he moved back to Seattle after our freshman year of high school, this awesome invention called the internet helped us keep in contact. Really, if we had to write letters to each other I don’t think we would have made it this far. As fun as snail mail can be, it just doesn’t have the same effect as waking up to an instant message exclaiming HOLY SHIT I WAS SO WASTED LAST NIGHT.

Although he did come to visit once before our senior year of high school, since then a lot of our time was spent either on the phone or instant messaging. It was during one of these phone calls last year, while I was driving to San Antonio to visit my boyfriend, that he announced his intent to come to Texas. Lets just say that in July 2008, after seeing each other for the first time in seven years, we really did have the ability to have a conversation comprised entirely of inside jokes.

I have always wanted to go to Seattle to visit Brad, but it had never happened for various reasons. However, my impending unemployment made for the perfect excuse to get the government to pay for my flight to Seattle. Thanks, Stimulus! And so, the “Buddy Trip,” nicknamed after years of drunk dials starting off with the word BUDDY!!!!, became an annual event.

Now let me take a few minutes here to tell you about one of the most AWESOME TRIPS OF MY LIFE. Brad lives on Capitol Hill. The name doesn’t lie. It’s a big fucking hill that I’ve walked up and down many times and have the blisters to prove it. Although we did do a lot of touristy things, like ascending the Space Needle, taking the Underground Tour, and going on a Duck boat tour, we also did a lot of walking around his neighborhood. The weather was absolutely perfect, compared to Texas, and Capitol Hill has to be one of the most fun neighborhoods, mostly because you never know what, or who, you’re going to run into. In the course of the 5 days I was there, we saw naked bike riders, colorful people, and overheard many out of context quotes, such as “I really love your hairpiece,” and “I need to clean my cock ring.” Also, the sheer amount of bars in the area is astounding; we had to have visited at least 10 while I was there, with my favorites being Bleu, which had great atmosphere, Clever Dunns, where I played shuffleboard for the first time ever, and The Honey Hole, which was a gay bar. Enough said.

Did I mention how on the plane ride home I was contemplating applying for jobs in the Seattle area? This trip was THAT MUCH FUN. I will be in Houston next year, and since this will hopefully continue to be an annual trip, I’m going to have to work extra hard to find things to do that can even compare to this experience. And I definitely cannot wait to go back.


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